Silla Antony Jean Prouvé

Designed by Jean Prouvé (1901-1984), this chair was created in 1955 for a contest in which he participated together with a group of designers called Union des Artistes Modernes which consisted of furnishing a student residence in Antony, near Paris. Together with Charlotte Perriand, they created a series of furniture for all the spaces of the residence. The design was based on another similar previous one created for the University of Strasbourg in 1950.

Jean Prouvé

The Antony chair, like most of Jean Prouvé's designs after more than half a century, is still modern, an unmistakable symbol of design success. Prouvé was one of the drivers of industrial design that has come to this day, it is curious to see how many of his designs from 50 years ago are sold today as the most modern pieces of furniture.

Silla Standard Jean Prouvé
Silla Standard 1934/1950

In OwlBarcelona we have created a replica of the Antony Chair in 1/12 scale ideal for create modern relaxation or reading environments, we have made the seat of an alloy wood and the rest with black plastic. We have respected the proportions and measures to the maximum what gives an aspect equal to the original.

Silla Antony escala 1/12

Silla Antony 1/12Silla Antony 1/12