Little Pedrera is a commission that makes us especially excited because La Pedrera is an emblem of Modernism that we like so much in owlBarcelona.

Little Pedrera is only available in La Pedrera Store of Barcelona.

In this project we wanted to represent the essence of La Pedrera, focusing on the interiors of the apartments. In this Little Pedrera we have opted for the so characteristic floor of the Paseo de Gràcia in Barcelona that was originally designed by Antoni Gaudí for La Pedrera and that we found in some of the rooms.

The Calvet Mirror

This mirror was designed for the offices on the ground floor of the Casa Calvet, on Caspe street in Barcelona, together with other furniture two years after finishing this building awarded by the city council of Barcelona as the best building of the year 1900.


We have included this mirror as well as the Batlló bench on the scene because they are elements of great representativeness of Antoni Gaudí's furniture design that creates such admiration worldwide.

The Batlló bench

It was designed for the main dining room of Casa Batlló. Its design was transgressive and unique for the time. Its characteristic anatomical shapes give this bank its peculiar appearance. Antoni Gaudí's concern for comfort is appreciated in many of his designs.


The molding that frames the window is a synthesis of the original moldings that Antoni Gaudí designed for the exterior windows of La Pedrera, you can find different designs of moldings on all floors of La Pedrera.

The Ceilings

They are perhaps the most striking elements of the floors of La Pedrera, there are innumerable designs, all different. In the Little Pedrera we have reproduced the one that is in the Modernist Floor store of La Pedrera.

To complete the scene we included a picture with a photograph of the chimneys of the roof of La Pedrera, a classic Modernist rack with a pair of scarves, a flowerpot, a table with a book and a plant that bring life to the scene.

Little Pedrera is an order from La Pedrera de Barcelona that is only available in La Pedrera store.