About owlBarcelona

Sergi and Ona, owlBarcelona creators, born in the "quadrat d’or"( heart of Barcelona’s Eixample quarter), begin as an interior architect and a cultural property restorer respectively.  They develop their career for a few years influenced mainly by the architecture of the city  until owlB’s creation.

From the need to translate these designers love for their city and their life experiences,  arises the creation of the modernist Barcelona flats miniatures, always with a modern and particular vision of space.

OwlB is a small company, where the two partners exert virtually all tasks, from the initial idea to the final result, through design, construction plans, choice of materials and handcrafted finishes.

"We are participants in the whole creation process, which gives us creative freedom, doing what we like in a dynamic manner, so we have focused on producing limited series. We want to make exclusive flats where the design is constantly changing "(Sergi).


The "quadrat d’or" is a delimited area within the Eixample district of Barcelona, ​​with rich modernist architectural heritage, with buildings like the Casa Mila, known as La Pedrera and Casa Batllo, two of Gaudís most known buildins. La Casa Ametller, the Casa Macaya or Casa Terrada,  known as the “House of the spikes" of Puig i Cadafalch, the Casa Montaner i Simó  and the Casa Lleó Morera of Lluís Domènech i Muntaner, and so many unique and representative buildings of a splendid period in Barcelona's architecture.

Currently, Barcelona continues to be a leader in design and art, and that’s why owlB wants to pay tribute to the city.

Ona owlBarcelona
Sergi owlBarcelona